Paul has opened up my eyes to the power that artistic creation can bring to community outreach work and research co-production strategies. He has been an amazing contributor to a range of archaeology and history engagement projects that I have been involved in: creating heritage trails, innovative archaeology/art cross-over interventions and time travelling historical conversations. On these projects Paul has worked with a diverse range of participants from communities in Cardiff facing significant social and economic challenges – including secondary school pupils, young people facing exclusion, single mums and pensioners. In all of these instances Paul has always delivered, bringing commitment, integrity, and insightful – and highly engaging – democratic strategies of engagement, always working alongside participants to facilitate their ideas and creativity on a level that is never patronising or top down.

I’m not exaggerating, then, when I say that working with Paul has been one of the most fruitful and stimulating partnerships of my academic career.

Dr David Wyatt, Senior Lecturer in Early Medieval History, Co-director of the CAER Heritage Project

Paul and I have worked together on a range of public engagement projects. All of these have been successful, as well as stimulating, thought-provoking and fun.  Paul is both creative and professional, with an ability to think ‘outside the box’ and develop novel ways of engaging the public – and then follow projects on through planning, delivery and evaluation. Paul meets deadlines and understands the principles and issues within engagement. Paul is flexible, responsive and easy to work with and together we have engaged with audiences that range from young children, to teenagers within and outside formal education, to adults in non-learning environments.

Dr Jacqui Mulville, Reader in Bioarchaeology, Director of Guerilla Archaeology